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General Information About Publishing With Us

Illustrations © James Vaughan, and used by permission. More of his work can be found here:

Publishing With SFJ

By agreeing to publish in the Space Force Journal (SFJ), authors agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth below. 

Engagement and Relationships: The SFJ agrees to publish, and author licenses the SFJ to publish their article, under the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Compensation: The author will not receive monetary compensation from SFJ.

License: In exchange for publication and distribution of the article at no cost to the author, the author grants the SFJ a permanent, nonexclusive, unrestricted, transferable, royalty-free license to publish and distribute the article, in whole or in part, as the SFJ deems appropriate.

Distribution includes, but is not limited to addresses on our standard distribution list, research aggregators, and other publishers. The article will be distributed in whatever quantities and at whatever times the SFJ determines is necessary and appropriate.

Format: The SFJ may, without limitation, publish or allow publishing of the article in hard copy and/or in any electronic or any other media format.

Development of the Article: The SFJ reserves the right to edit or otherwise modify the article as SFJ deems appropriate. As part of its normal preparation for publication, SFJ will typically (1) perform substantive and copy edits of the manuscript along with other quality-control measures to conform to standards and style; (2) create or further develop graphics to support the narrative content of the article.

Author Affirmations: The author affirms that the article will be original, will not infringe upon any copyright protections, and will not contain plagiarized text or graphics. The standards listed below reflect specific requirements for all articles submitted to SFJ for publication.

The article has not appeared previously in any other publication, the author is sole owner of the article, that the material in the article is original, and that it does not infringe on any copyright interests.

The article is either not copyrighted or the author holds the sole copyright, and in either case, authors grant SFJ nonexclusive world rights to their article. SFJ may publish articles in any medium and in any form—even reprint privileges for other publishers.

The SFJ is in the public domain, and permission to reprint is hereby freely given.

The article does not contain profane language or quotations containing profane language.

The article contains no classified or restricted information.

Article Reprints: The author shall have the right to grant reprint requests. All reprints will be acknowledged by a standard cite line on the first page of the reprinted article. A standard cite line will include the following: “Reprinted with permission from Space Force Journal, Vol. #, No. #, Edition-Year.”

Author’s Obligation: The author must provide biographical data for author’s biography. The biographical data should include academic titles and military affiliation/rank. The author is also responsible for gaining clearance for a submission from their organization’s public affairs and security offices.

Author’s Name and Likeness: The author agrees that the SFJ shall have the right to use the author’s name, likeness, and biographical materials in the original article, in revised or derivative editions, or in SFJ advertisements or promotional materials.

Entire Agreement: This document constitutes the agreement between the parties and supersedes any other promises, conditions, understandings, or terms, whether oral or written. 


SFJ © 2024. All Rights Reserved.

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