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Our Team

Illustrations © James Vaughan, and used by permission. More of his work can be found here:

Agrawal, Raj

Greg Autry

Autry, Greg

Casey Beard

Beard, Casey

James Brahm

Brahm, James

alan brechbill

Brechbill, Alan


Cox, Timothy

Endicott, Troy

peter garretson

Garretson, Peter

Hanlon, Michelle

Harrington, Andrea


Heren, Henry

Kashangaki, Thomas


Kim, Jason

Kirkpatrick, Sean

Malachowski, Jim

michael martindale

Martindale, Michael

Stephen R. Melvin

Melvin, Stephen

Minzyk, Gennie

Moorhead, Wally


O’Connell, Kevin


Parikh, Chirag

Pennington, Todd


Qadir, Saleem


Sandhoo, Gurpartap

Jacob Simmons

Simmons, Jacob

mike sinclair

Sinclair, Mike


Tung, Maddy

tony tunyavongs

Tunyavongs, Tony

James Vaughan

Vaughan, James

bill woolf

Woolf, Bill

brent ziarnick

Ziarnick, Brent

Our SFJ team is participating in their personal capacity. Their rank, rate, position, official photo, affiliation, and view does not represent the official policy or position of any Department or Agency of the U.S. Government, or any other non-government and private organization.

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Scifi ranger shooting toward the sky.

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